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About Made In Leith

Who Are Made In Leith?

Leith has a long and fascinating history.

Occupied and fought over by the Scottish, English and French through the centuries, it has seen many changes.

The Burgh of Leith gained its independence from Edinburgh following the Burghs Act of 1833, but this period of freedom ended when the two were again joined in 1920.

Although Leith has now lost its shipbuilding and some heavy industries, it has diversified and a new Leith is emerging with a multi cultural community living side by side.

The Leith motto is ‘Persevere’.

That’s what Leith has done over the years and will continue to do.

Leith people are very loyal to their roots but have also welcomed the adopted “Leithers”  who have been drawn here from all over the world.

Leith still has its own identity to this day – an identity captured by Made in Leith’s own ‘People’s Republic of Leith’ range.

In fact, capturing the essence of Leith is what is Made in Leith does best, with our research into Leith’s history inspiring many of our products.